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So, I got my hair colored today and while I was there stocked up on my shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo, and some high shine serum that I'm sure I don't need (I am very easy to sell serums too). Since I spent $$$$ I got a free "Curl Enhancer" creme. This lovely product is wasted on me since I do not have curly hair or hair that would hold a curl in any other manner besides "frizz." SO! I want to give it away to someone on GT since I don't have a use for it and I am sure that someone else does. I'll even pay shipping.

Product Details:

Arrojo Studio Curl Enhancer (Yes! That Nick Arrojo from What Not To Wear!), 5.1 Fl. oz.


Supports soft, fine curls. Refines, boosts, creates shapely spring. (I can't give any support to that claim, but it does smell really nice, sort of fruity and floral at the same time but not overbearing). If you click here, you can see all the ingredients and a video of a quirky redhead showing you how to use the product.

Anyways, in the interest of fairness, I have a number written on a piece of paper between 1 and 100. Respond in the comments with a number and the person closest to it without going over gets it. Also, leave a gif because gifs are fun! I choose someone at 5pm Est. time tomorrow.

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