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Hair product recommendations?

Halp me hivemind!

So here's the situation. In order to get my hair red, my stylist had to bleach out the black dye. She used an incredibly low volume, gentle bleach so my hair is relatively fine - none of it broke off or anything during the process (she was pretty amazed herself as she thought my ends would break off, which they didn't). Even though it's healthy, it's a bit on the dry side.

My stylist was like "you NEED to do conditioning treatments, at least weekly." She told me I can come back and buy something from the salon, or just find something elsewhere. She was also like "dude if anything just use coconut oil. Just rub it all over your head." However, I'd like to possibly invest in something that will not only moisturize, but will help keep the red color from fading too quickly.


I have noticed that John Frieda makes the color line of products for brunettes, blondes and redheads. Has anyone used his products for red hair? I already bought color protecting shampoo and conditioner, but I see he has leave in treatments and stuff as well.

Redheads, halp! What can I use to not only keep the color from fading rapidly but also to keep it from turning brassy?

And my god I love my hair so much. I can't stop looking at it. SO RED!

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