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Hair removal inanity

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I actually found something similar to this in the cat shelter thrift shop I volunteered at as a teenager. Zap, zap!


A few days ago Quasi Hatrack made a shaving post and notquitened suggested this stuff called MagicShave. Since it's a men's product it's pretty cheap, and it comes in a couple formulations. I picked up a bottle of the original formula and a bottle of the powder, about $3.50 and >$2.00 respectively. I just tried the premade stuff, and I can dig it. It smells good, kinda minty, there was a little bit of chemical smell by the end of the half hour I left it on. The tube says to leave on no more than 7 minutes, but humon reviewers say that's laughable. No burning or stinging or anything, but now my legs kinda feel minty fresh. They're about as smooth as when I shave, but no razor burn, so that's nice. I have pretty pale skin and dark, coarse hair, so we'll see how things are looking tomorrow. I'll probably mix up the powder and give that a go next week. I wish I could afford laser hair removal, but until I can, I want your hair removal secrets. As far as shaving, I think I've got things figured out as good as they're going to get, but I want a better option. I wax my own pits and bikini line, that's working well for now, but my leg hair is too brittle. I had my legs waxed professionally once and it hurt rill bad, looked awful, and grew back patchy because of breakage. She was a good esthetician, I know it wasn't just a bad job. Give me your secrets, GT, my stubble is in your hands.

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