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Hair Sculpture

I finally cut off the last inch or two of permed hair which means - except for a few stragglers I can't find myself- my hair is entirely natural! Tomorrow I'm going to press my hair for a pinup girl look, so I'm stretching it tonight to make things easier.

Having super thick, curly hair is sculpturally very cool, and lets me do the whole Whos down in Whoville thang:


I can also do Pippy Longstocking if I want to. Don't even have to use wire, I just braid it, fold it in half and press, then voila!

Mickey Mouse ears:


Heck, I could do Blossom, Bubbles, AND buttercup hair if I wanted to!

Tomorrow I will straighten my hair and do pinup girl, then the next day I will probably throw on a maxi dress and a big bag for some V. Stiviano realness.


My hair is so fucking versatile and I love it (except for frizz and its cousin shrinkage. No one loves that.)

What do you guys like about your hair? I don't think we do enough body-love threads, and the politics of hair is so fraught. Tomorrow we can get into this whole permed v. straight, weave v. wig. But let's celebrate today, yes?

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