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hair update

Cuz I know you want it, here’s an update about my hair embarrassment.

I went to the salon yesterday evening. The stylist was horrified. I did what Violet suggested and said pathetically, “It’s not the worst you’ve ever seen, right?” and she laughed at me and kept looking at my hair. I mean, surely it’s not the worst ever?! It wasn’t coming out in clumps! I have no bald spots! She did say that my hair just broke off after she’d barely touch her scissors to it. I think I had long, fried hair.

Anyway, it’s all gone now. I’m rocking a nice pixie. I prefer my hair short anyway.


The only thing is, my hair is still two colors. Red at the top, with ugly mousy brown streaks in the back. I really hate it. The stylist FORBADE me from bleaching it. She said I could color it, but no bleaching. But... I love having blonde hair. I hate having brown hair. And I’m definitely never going red again, unless professionally done. I can wait until I get paid next week and get her to dye it. But that’s so long to wait, and so expensive. Honestly, it’s not even an option. I don’t know what to do with it. I’m just trying really hard not to bleach it. I don’t want fried hair again.

Sigh. Recs are welcome.

ETA: I won’t bleach it, I promise!!

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