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Hair Weekend IS NOT OVER plus pistachio bowl!

You guys! Ye’let and I went college dorm shopping today and went to Ross (do y’all have Ross: Dress For Less? MAGIC). We found all the things for her.* But yk what “I” found? L’oreal 8RG, Rose Gold Blonde! Three boxes (no other hair dye in the store), for $5 a box!

So I panicked and bought all three boxes because CLEARLY it’s being discontinued. I’ma let you finish.. while I be FABULOUSLY shimmery golden blonde for a good long while.


ALSO, this AWESOME pistachio bowl I’ve wanted forever for my mom me, for $9. I FUCKING LOVE THIS STORE.

You put the shells in the bottom bowl! It sells for just under $20 at Amazon. It’s BRILL. Mom’s outta luck.

I’m gonna mic drop on that SCORE. (Oh, I lied, I resisted going to PetSmart and buying more goldfish for my huge freaking tank, so dbl score.)


*Her suitemates are AMAZING. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I WANT HER TO GO. I’ve always said that I raised my kids to be OUT of our town, and now I’ve got one about to be marrit, with #bunbun in the oven, one actually in the ocean somewhere tonight on a hugeass USN aircraft carrier as a scary nuke guy making sure shit runs, and this one making Pinteresty things for her (older) suitemates after they also made Pinteresty things and spent all day texting her with things like “OMG, YOU ARE SO SWEET WE CAN’T WAIT... Do you dance? We always go to Buck’s after Midnight Yell” (a Texas A&M thing) “Do you have a sports pass because my cousin always has amazing tailgates and I can’t wait for you to meet everyone!” and the like. SUH HAPPY.

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