Which pictures are better style suggestion guides do you think? I’m finally getting in for a haircut and want to switch things up a tad . . . from short pixieish do with side strands that come down to my jawline to a shorter pixie really. The lady that cuts my hair is great generally, but she always wants to leave my bangs longer than I like. (Which is generally reasonable because 1. I have a big forehead so it would probably be sensible to have longer bangs if they didn’t drive me nuts, and 2) you can always go shorter but you can’t put hair back if you cut it too short. I just get a bit tired of asking.) I want to go a little choppier, but I’m not entirely sure I want severely point cut bangs or how asymmetrical I want to go.








So, what do you think? My current cut for reference (This is from several weeks ago, but it starts shorter than this). The side pieces do start curling out after a certain length: