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OK, soooooooo, I have an appointment to get my hairs (all of them that grown on the top of my head) cut. Yay! Help me look pretty, GT!

So, my current cut is supposed to look kinda like this:


And it's actually about that color, with similar highlights, but my eyes are green with a golden ring around the pupil. BUT. Because of the cowlicks near my hairline and the fact that my hair is really really fine, it usually ends up more like this:

Which isn't bad, just not exactly what I'm going for, and always ends up looking like it's not really doing what it's supposed to be doing.


So, suggestions?

I'm almost thinking something along these lines, but not sure I'm brave enough:


Of course, the bottom line is, as always, that I can't get the fabulous anime hair I've always wanted and all other hairstyles simply pale in comparison to fabulous anime hair.

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