Ok, I desperately need a haircut. I haven't had a proper one in years and have just trimmed it myself when the split ends have got too bad. I have had some vague thoughts but haven't really settled on it, and when I try and look up ideas they talk about face shape, and I keep staring at my face and all I can think of is "yup, that's a face." So I've included a picture of me which I will delete at some point soon. The photo is what my hair looks at it's worse (it's usually blow dried and brushed!), but you can see how bad my ends are - I'm fully accepting a lot will need chopping off.

So I was basically thinking a long textured bob like No. 6 and No. 21 here:

I can't decide whether or not to get a fringe (bangs for you weirdo Americans), basically because I love them but I'm not sure whether they'd suit me and I've also heard they're a lot of work and I'm pretty lazy. I blow dry my hair, and kind of straighten it using the blow dryer, but I don't own straighteners and would only consider buying quite cheap ones at the moment.

I like having long hair. It's my own fault for letting my hair get in such crappy condition that so much will need chopping off. But I'm also kind of bored of it just hanging there, so I'm kind of looking forward to a change. I'm just a massive coward and need reassurance.


ETA: Photo gone! Welcoming any more tips about dealing with fringes though.