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hairy dilemma

writhey baby that means no caps or punctuation so you get bullet points but please to help anyway

I have a 5.5head. not a 4head. a 5.5head

I've had a fringe (t. beermonster told me that if I ever say BANGS again that he's revoking my passport, so fringe) for about ten years. It works.


but I'm too lazy/busy to go get it maintained. so I often look like I have a comb over

However i have a complex that if I don't have something shielding the world from the glowing orb of my brow that bad things something something ugly lookin', you get the gist

Can I grow my fringe out? What hairstyles will work without me looking like (as my mother delicately puts it) a 'dead hippie' (limp and parted down the middle.

additional info: i have real nice hair (whatever, it's true) - it's shiny andn long but it is quite straight. so the fringe breaks it up a bit and gives it shape



Thank you for your ever loving patience

holy fuck this child, I'm off to try to tame an insane baby now. pray for me to the unicorn in the skies.


ETA Baby momentarily subdued! What I'm really asking here is for examples of hairdos without a fringe, past the growing out stage. Hard to know where to start! Thanks guys!

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