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Halfway through my first year teaching...

I go back to work on Tuesday. I feel guilty, but I got spoiled by having two weeks off. My husband and I went on a road trip to Los Angeles, Vegas, and back. Then, after two days back home, I flew to Oregon to visit my family for a week. I wish I had another week to recuperate.

I have times in which I feel like I can do another year at this school and times in which I can’t wait to go. The commute and the lack of resources are such a drain on me. The constant feeling that I am fucking up. I feel guilty about that. Then again, to be fair to myself, they did hire me as a 1st grade teacher only to give me a 1st/2nd grade split with three days notice. I haven’t met a veteran teacher who didn’t think that was a crazy thing to do to a first-year teacher.

We have had good times, though. The triops were a hit and they really enjoyed the hands-on aspects of that. I spend less time breaking up fights than at the beginning. I bit the bullet and bought 8 Kindle fires for my class during Black Friday sales. That is enough for my small reading groups.


I want to thank everyone for their support the past few years.

When I started Kinja-ing, I was a warehouse worker who was in the middle of disability leave. Now I am a teacher. I’ve gone through the loss of a parent, finishing school, and student teaching with your help. I hope 2017 sucks less for all of us.

I’m gonna throw my classroom’s Amazon list up here. I feel like a jerk doing it, but it’s all obviously stuff a classroom needs (with a few things that are more like classroom “wants.”)


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