Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Last night I went as a lion tamer—technically a liger tamer, since my boyfriend went as a liger. We were cute as hell. I did his kitty makeup myself. He then ran around while I was getting ready, asking if I had "any cloth" to put under his gloves, despairing that they were bothering his hands. They were gardener's gloves, the ones with the little grippy bumps, and I'd turned them inside out to make him some liger paws. The little bumps were against the backs of his hands, and while they didn't feel like silky heaven, they were NOT that bothersome (I'd tried them on like that myself before buying them). I stood there in heels, fishnet tights, and a waist corset, watching him fret over his hands like, Really? Tell me more about your discomfort.


I found it highly amusing. Men: They don't know how to lady! lolz. He was also insistent at first that he didn't want to put on any makeup if it was just going to come off when he drank or scratched an itch. And I was like, "Honey, it's makeup, not a tattoo. You take more with you and fix it as you go. Why do you think we carry purses?"

Happy Halloween, all! What were you?

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