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Halloween Costume Ideas

So, I've seen some posts on Halloween costume ideas. I have a few, and I'm taking a poll/suggestions. I haven't drawn up sketches (ok, drew one), because the people I look like cartoon characters. And...these are pretty much comic characters.

Here's my list:

  • Poison Ivy: I would need to dye my hair orange. After the Ziggy Stardust phase, I swore never again. But it's Halloween.
  • The Black Cat: Obscure comic book character. If you know who she is, I love you. Here's a picture:
  • Silk Spectre I.
  • Wonder Woman. The obvious choice, but I was Wonder Woman last year. A really, really busted up, costume-was-too-big, bad orange/brown hair dye job Wonder Woman. It was bad, folks.
  • The female version of The Comedian (The Comedienne?) from Watchmen. Upside: I would get to carry a fake machine gun. Downside: would probably have to justify my costume choice. Some badly drawn sketches:
  • A busted up looking history major in a comic book tee with a Parliament Light 100 hanging out of her mouth carrying a bottle of gin. With under eye bags and a bad looking bun. Carrying a messenger bag with a typewriter on it (it's a badass bag).

So...Awful ideas? Unique? I'm getting the costumes custom made, so I don't have to worry about looking like a mess. Seriously, the last four years-my own drunken mugshot (ok idea), "Columbia" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (ended up walking down Santa Monica Blvd. in just fishnets and a leotard, at midnight because PANTS ARE FOR SUCKERS! Also, I can't believe I wasn't offered money), and the aforementioned Wonder Woman disaster.


Help, please!

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