I pray that this is not yet a thing (if so, oops/apologies!) Are you doing a Halloween costume? Possibly several? How big are you going with it? Where are you wearing it? How'd you get the idea? DIY or store-bought?

Since I work at a costume shop* I am contractually obligated** to have an amazing Halloween costume. I'm thinking either a modern version of Maleficent (because I'm broke and have no money for an actual, store-stocked Maleficent costume) or Morticia Addams (have most of the components, can beg/borrow/steal the rest.) Hell, I have way too many different costumey events to do, so I might do both plus a third for kicks, and I don't want to hear any sass about it.

*when I'm not in class or at my other job or at my other other job

**in my brain