I was thinking about how today costumes are either supposed to be very scary or they are the sexy versions of scariness or just bullshit costumes, not even trying to be scary. But I ask you, the post-modern groupthinker with current anxieties, what do you think should be costumes, representing our current fears?

I propose a few (please provide your own) based on my own fears:

1. Student Loan Debt: Remember all those plans you had in the future about building that nest egg? Well, fuck that! Enjoy paying off the interest on your massive debt. This costume consists of a large cement block changed to your back and is often accompanied by his evil friend, "Never Gonna Retire"

2. Faceless bureaucracy: Ever try to get any type of entitlement? Cancel your cable? Settle a dispute involving your car and an insurance company? Well you know our most evil friend, faceless bureaucracy and even though someone crashed into your car and is totally at fault, you are never going to be compensated for your repairs. Ever. Wear your blandest suit and make every transaction slow and overly complicated. Bring a stack of forms to every house that might try to give you candy. And talk in fucking circles. FUCKING CIRCLES.

3. Sloth: Remember how you were going to get up early and clean and do a bunch of work. Yeah, you barely made it to the shower, before getting involved in some bullshit internet dispute and only made it out of the house to buy snacks, because you sure as don't want to take the fucking effort to cook shit. Wear what you have on right now, if you are me.