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Halloween Evening OT

Anyone else here having a quiet evening in? I’m currently enjoying a romantic Halloween date with Netflix.

Actually, I’m being a Halloween Grinch (Homey’s at work and when we tried to carve pumpkins on Sun. THREE FRICKIN’ STORES were sold out of punkins :( so like, what’s even the point ). So, yeah, I’m just vegging in front of the TV.


I had a bit of a rough day at work and I’m beating myself up over it. There’s a logical part of my brain that is like, Hey, people have rough days and the perfectionist part of my brain is like, You monster!! Ugh. I keep trying to remind myself that in a year, no one will remember today.

And, of course, on top of that is the destruction of our democracy and tale after tale of violent racism and sexism and jesus, how’s it only 8 and when can I expect the sweet release of sleep?

Anyway, thanks to a few folks here, I started Riverdale tonight and I’m loving it. So thanks for that rec!

How are you fine folks?

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