Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving (Family and Food!!).

PapaBear’s favorite holiday is Halloweek! (Scary Movies!).

Our kiddos are just on the edge of aging out of trick or treating (so sad to see this end, not so sad to avoid an annual freezing meander around the neighborhood... it’s supposed to snow this year!!).


But, for the last two years, after ToT-ing, we have had a mini haunted-house-type adventure for the kiddos to go on. Two years ago, we had a legion of little ghosties lead them through the woods to freshly dug “graves” where they unearthed candy.

Last year, they came home and found a pirate skeleton in the foyer holding a note and a nerf gun telling them about a path to a monster they could destroy to gain a treasure. So they had to go through the dark house with only a red flashlight, avoid ghosts, and then shoot the beast to get treasure.

THIS year, they’re going to get Official Letters from the US government asking for their help. You see, a scientist will have created a rift in the fabric of space/time, and then the scientist went in and got himself killed by monsters.

And I can’t decide... My original plan was to have them enter the “rift” and then seek out a glowing skeleton that has duct tape in his labcoat pocket, and they need to use the duct tape to “seal the rift” (and they’ll have to crawl through a spiderweb without touching the lines, and crawl through cardboard boxes lit only with glowing rocks, and make their way through billowing fabric over uneven ground). BUT, Papabear might be able to get our Virtural Reality headset up and running tonight, so perhaps I will have them go through all of that, but fine the VR headset and controllers on the skeleton, and they have to put that on to be able to SEE the creatures of the dementional rift, and then they have to fight them (some monster-killing game Papabear has). So then they kill the monsters before retrieving the duct tape and making their way out.


BUT, that monster game is super-crazy-scarey (to me, at least), and I’m afraid it will be too much for the 12 year old. but then, I’m much more of a wimp in terms of scary than the kiddos are, so it MIGHT just be the best way ever to introduce them to VR!

Either way, I freaking love the tradition we have developed of creating a haunted house for them, and so far they still play along and have fun with it.


Also.... I have all of 3 hours tomorrow to get it entirely set up, so we’ll see....

What weird Halloween Traditions do you all have?

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