My BFF is hosting her annual Halloween party tonight. My kids' costumes are taken care of, but I'm stuck. I was going to be Crazy Cat Lady, but I do not have enough toy cats to complete the look. I just look like a messy person with a couple of cats hanging on me.

So I can stick with the basics of Crazy Cat Lady. Messy hair, flannel pj pants, mud boots, sweatshirt and ratty cardigan. Plus add junk to my pockets like scraps of paper, toilet paper, combs, Popsicle sticks, etc. Then I could be a Hoarder, but maybe that's super-insensitive. Thoughts?

Or I'm thinking of wearing my son's camo pants and shirt with my Man-person's camo hat. I thought I could do face paint, like the duck hunters wear in a duck blind. THEN I could add vampire teeth and be a...wait for it.. VAMPIRE HUNTER. Pretty sure we have a whittled stick around here that would work as a stake.

Halp me! Please!