Well, I guess it just wouldn't be Halloween if I wasn't out there puking like a damn fool. Fuck! Again. These aren't those super-stealth, perfect crime barfs either. Last time I blamed it on all these neon green drinks I stupidly threw down even though I was already hammered. This time I'm looking at you, Bud Ice. What even is that, and why would I cheerfully drink a 32-ouncer on an empty stomach? Being lactose intolerant and going on a drunken candy binge didn't help, either. It's just that I haven't even seen Rollos in years, plus Heath bars, and I can eat a pretty much unlimited amount of Almond Joys.

Anyway, I left my camera behind too, so I will unfortunately have to wait to participate in the Halloween decor and doggy costume threads. Anyone else out there feeling the sting of regret on top of an upset stomach?