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Halloween Idea!

So! I was reading "take back Halloween" and I decided I'm going to be Amelia Earhart!

I have pretty much everything I need except the goggle hat thing. I feel like it's the perfect combination of feminism and warm clothes for a potentially cold evening. Also, Man of Soup said he would dress up as a plane!d I don't know if he's being serious, but it would kind of be amazing. Last year he was Rosie The Riveter because I bought a jumpsuit that was too big. We have a lot of cardboard from the move that we could make into wings!

What are you going to be for halloween!?

Edit: Holy shit after seeing all these costume ideas I wish we could have a GT halloween party!!!


Edit again: Should I get an aviator hat that I can wear as a hat to protect me from the cold, or get a flimsy costume hat? I feel like I'll be hot inside with a hat on because I have a lot of hair, but I don't really want to buy something cheap.

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