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The ex-Fluffybutt and I were supposed to have a thing at his house but since he A) broke up with me and B) is being a ridiculous person about it, I'm gonna assume that won't be happening.


Cuz my sister is having a party in Bayside, Queens on the 26th and two of my other friends are having a party on November 2nd. GUESS WHO DOESN'T HAVE TO PLAN A PARTY THIS YEAR?! And, consequently, clean up after it! THIS GAL!


So the one and only thing I have to focus on is a costume. Hmmm. I'm usually good with costume ideas but I'm drawing up blanks this year. I have tons of costume pieces and makeup and stuffs lying around, but the one thing I REALLY want to wear is a leopard print corset I got from the Renaissance Faire a year or so ago. It's a really well made piece that gives me really awesome cleavage and I want it on my body.

With that said, should I just...be...a cat? A slutty, glittery, cat? Not gonna lie, I kind of want to. I mean, I'm all single and shit.

HALP. If I were to just be a cat thing, how? All I have is the corset. I might have ears somewhere but I suppose I should get leopard ones. A tail would be cool. And MAKEUP!

Guise, I'm essited.

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