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Halloween month plans OT

I know there’s an open thread already but this is for the fun creepy side of GT. Feel free to post on this for days. Sometimes I don’t comment on things since I think I’m a bit late.

Anyway, does anyone have vague or concrete plans of any Halloween activities? Any spooky books other than the gt book club one that they are reading? Horror movies to watch? Costume ideas? Put it all here.

Tonight (as long as traffic is good) I’m going to watch Pet Sematary outside of the former Lorton Reformatory. Should be a really spooky setting. Movie tickets are free. Just concessions and parking cost money.


I also want to go to PubDread in d.c. either this Wednesday or next. There’s a Harry Potter bar too. And The Glow a pumpkin trail.

My boyfriend’s brother is being Pennywise and my boyfriend is being Jack Torrence. I almost decided to have Carrie be my female contribution to the Stephen King Halloween costume theme but I don’t know if any fake blood would be easy to deal with so instead I’m going to be Nadine Cross from the Stand. Specifically the college Nadine and I’m going to write out the ouija board messages for a prop.

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