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Welcome To The Bitchery

Halloween Prep


Halloween is coming. I want to win a costume contest. I’m not so much a “creative & clever” costume person, as a “complex & historical” costume person. But this year! I have an idea! It’s a gooood one. (it’s best kept a secret.) I could be a contender. I found a fancy place that’s having a masquerade ball. It’s like a castle. It’s a pricey-ish fancy dinner, and there’s a costume contest. I want it to be like a masquerade ball on General Hospital, but I know it will probably be like the masquerade dance at my middle school. Or all-couples-all-the-time. I still want to go. I want to get my friends to go. I don’t think they’re as game as I am. I figure, I have two weeks to convince them. We’ll get our tickets, and then the fiercest competition begins! How do I convince them?? Does anybody have any extra costume ideas, you know, you won’t be using? In case it’s better than my Top Secret one....

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