My friend posted something silly about always being able to find where she hides her kid's Halloween candy. The commenters are making me nutty. My kid went trick-or-treating for the first time this year, so I don't know if this is a commonplace thing or not... But apparently a lot of parents let their kids pick 3-5 pieces of candy out of their loot and throw the rest away! One parent was so proud because this year, her kids threw the candy away all by themselves!

Whaaaat? I mean, I agree that candy is unhealthy and should be limited in quantity, but really? People just trash it? It's so wasteful! If I spent money on a big bag of candy to give a kid when she/he trick-or-treats at my house, I'd be sort of pissed to know that it's just going in the trash later. (I mean, I guess this is why you should buy Snickers or Reese's and not Tootsie Rolls and peppermints, which will inevitably get trashed.)

Why not just let your kid trick-or-treat at five houses, instead of an entire neighborhood, and let the kid wear his or her costume all day?

We only went to a few houses, but we put all the candy loot in the deep freezer, and every now and then littleraptor gets a piece as a special treat.

I'm not trying to get on a pedestal or anything. I just hate wastefulness. And so I rant.