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Halloween trauma trigger. Woops.

You guys. I made a mistake. I watched Carrie...and oh god it's way too close to my relationship with my mom. I thought it would be fine, but then there was this one moment and I'm like OH GOD OBVIOUS PARALLELS NO NO NO

Fortunately, I had a therapy appointment that just ended, but I was a mess. Still sorta shakey. I'm staying home tonight (even if I had plans, this would've wrecked them) and trying to figure out what to do with myself.


(Don't worry. Not actually going to die. Might throw up, because that's the way my anxiety works.) What do you guys do to calm down and stop the echoes of your panic attacks, if you have them? Meditation or anything mindfulness-related isn't going to work right now. Anyone wanna join me in marathoning a certain girl-fights-evil show? Yes?

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