Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, we did not end up using VR in our little adventure for the kiddos because there just wasn’t enough time to set it up. But, the kiddos had a blast going through it! PapaBear handed them Official Letter From The Government asking for their help and outlining the mission on the way home from trick or treating, and he said they both got super excited when they realized that there would be one this year!

So, Anyways, the Rift into another dimension has been permanently closed (with duct tape, so you know we’re all safe), and the Arachnids did not end up eating either child (depsite both of them setting off the rattling Webs while approaching the skeletal remains of the late researcher who had the duct tape).


We might try to work the VR into it next year... Hopefully both kiddos don’t get too cool for this sort of thing too soon!

Also, I want to do something like this for PapaBear... But I’m not sure what. Perhaps have him come home to a Zombie Apocalypse that he has to get through with nerf guns to rescue the cats from zombies? Hmmm...

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