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Consider this an advice open thread: looking for recipes? books? advice about lurve? advice about exercise? This is the place to ask! Gotta a lot of smart stuff to say? This is the place to put it!

My question (and it’s pretty un-smart, I think): I recently got a FitBit HR and I don’t know if I should wear it when I do yoga or other non-walking/non-running exercise. Like, how accurate is the calorie burning tracker?


I’ve been taking it off for yoga and logging calories manually on fitbit.com. Is that bad? Does it count calories based on steps AND heart rate? Or just heart rate? HOW DOES THE HUMAN BODY WORK??????????

My advice: Go to your local library and hang out in the biography section. You’re bound to find a book or two by/about people you love. For example, tonight, I found out Judy Greer wrote a book! It’s called I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-star and I’ll be starting it tomorrow.

Ok, your turn! What’s giving you a hard time? And what advice do you have to offer your fellow GTers?

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