Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Guys, so I bought brisket from one of the local Asian markets I frequent. It was labeled brisket. My dad put it on the smoker today and texted me saying he doesn’t think it is. Because I don’t know how to get more specific, I’m asking the hive mind to help me out. Here’s a pic of the cut next to our slab of ribs on the smoker.

Illustration for article titled HALP! (Also OT and what yall cooking for the Fourth??)

Anyone know if this is actually brisket? It doesn’t look totally unfamiliar, but I’m definitely not used to brisket looking split like that once it encounters heat. Anyway, what are y’all cooking or eating for the holiday?

Also happy belated Canada Day to our buddies up north!!

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