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Halp. Are there any CPA's in the house?

I am my only little business owner (it's just me), and today I received a really ugly letter in the mail. I mean, for being only one page and less than 500 words, this thing was fucking hideous.

You guys, I'm being audited. Not by the feds though, by the state. And not for income tax, for sales tax. This leaves me scared and befuddled, because I barely sell anything.


I "deal" mostly in intangibles; I consult (social media) and I provide design services, which aren't — by my understanding — taxable where I live. I am going to call the caseworker in [state capitol] tomorrow and try to talk it out, but will I be making it worse if I call? The letter wants me to provide reasons why I didn't pay sales tax on the majority of my invoices (I think), and it's because they're all services... so I don't really have any hard "proof," because there are no things!

I am confused and intimidated. Gifs are also — always! — welcome.


PS: Many sincere thanks for GT always being there when I haves Teh Problemz.

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