Hiya GT!

I have a dumb, but for-the-moment-important question,

Have any of y’all ever had a nebulizer treatment, and if so, do you know how long it takes for the bad feelings from it to go away?

I went in to urgent care just a bit before 10 tonight, for a cough & breathing issues (because it feels like a recurrance of the lung infectiin i had a few weeks even though it’s evidently not!), and the Dr offered/ordered a nebulizer treatment for me (Albuterol 0.083% 2.5 mg.), along with a steroid (Decadron)

The issues are, :

1. I was a dumbass and forgot to find out my BP when the initial nurse took it. It was 168/90, which is EXTREMELY high for where i usually run (112-120 usually over 70-80-ish)


2 I then took the nebulizer option, because the Dr. said it’d probably help (it kind of did, but now i’m couging a LOT more!).

Thing is, had i KNOWN the Neb would be albuterol beforehand, i NEVER would have taken it, because i’ve had such bad reactions (dizziness, feeling shaky, & like my heart was racing) just from albuterol inhalers.


3. They also gave me a steroid, to knock down the crap in my lungs, and get them to calm themselves a bit.

I’ve had agitation, jitters & last time it was body aches from ‘roids every time i’ve taken them in pill form.


I feel almost drunk right now, and was somewhere between “drunk-feeling,” and “low-grade panic attack” shortly after fibishing the neb.

How long does this crap last after a nebulizer treatment?

(And this post will likely “poof” later on!)