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I have three plants that I've become very attached to - rosemary, sage, and lavender. I babied them all summer and they survived the winter getting what little light shines through the window of my English basement apartment.

When the weather started getting warmer and the sun coming out, I got excited and brought them outside so they could soak in the light. But we had a cold snap yesterday, during which I worked an 18 hour day. Now, they look all sad and shriveled! Did I kill them? Are they dead?! I would be so sad if I killed them just as winter was ending - they deserve a long, hot summer!


The pic is of them, now indoors. You might not be able to see very well but the lavender is a sickly grey color (some of the leaves are still green), the rosemary is completely brown and the sage is drooping.

I'm also a plant novice but I tried to do right in pairing the sage and rosemary (that's what I read I should do for a container garden based on internet research). And they were doing fine until yesterday!

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