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Halp - can't comment or view comments anywhere but GT.

Hmmm - I can read comments and post comments here in GT (obviously), but when I click on the main page or any of the other Gawker sites and subgroups (e.g. Kitchenette, Foodspin, Powder Room) I can't. Comments don't even display. I click the "Show replies" button and nothing happens. I can see how many stars an article has, and how many replies it has, but underneath the "X's discussions" and "Show all replies" buttons, there's nothing, and when I click those buttons to view the comments nothing happens.

The little circle icons at the top left of the screen, one of which is blue when you're logged in? It's blue here in GT and I can click it to use all the Kinja functionality. But on the main page and everywhere else it's grey like you aren't logged in, but when I click it to log in, nothing happens.

Is this happening for anyone else? Or is it just a problem with my browser or server?


EDIT: Problem solved. I need to clear my cache (hahaha that sounds dirty), and then I can log into and view/post comments on main page and other Gawker pages, but NOT GT. In order to "return" to GT I need to clear cache again, and log in, again, but then I don't have functionality on the main page.

I suspect it's temporary. I'll keep this comment up here though, in case anybody else has a similar problem and wants to see if anyone else has.

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