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Welcome To The Bitchery

Halp! Estranged Aunt Edition

So the big bird (aka Mr. Haa) just texted me to tell me his crazy alcoholic estranged aunt is planning on coming this way and wants to know the peep's clothing size. She isn't a bad person, she's just crass and it's always uncomfortable when she decides to blow into town and steal alcohol from my in laws or wants them to take her out to the bar so she can get wasted. The big bird assured me we'd try to avoid having her over at our place and that it wouldn't be a problem for her to see the peep and give her some gifts. I think I'll tell him depending on how I feel the day this happens I may skip out and stay home. I hope he understands but I'm about to go take a Klonopin because I just feel so anxious about all this already. It's hard to explain exactly why. Part of it is the history of course, she has 3 adult daughters and a tween from her 2nd marriage (her husband passed away shortly after she was born) but she doesn't currently have custody (which is a good thing). But a big part of it has got to be my anxiety and it's just a reminder that I still have a very long way to go. I really hope my husband is understanding and doesn't make me feel badly for not wanting to deal with her. Sometimes he gets it, sometimes he doesn't.


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