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HALP GT; Bridal Party // New Orleans edition

Hey hivemind!!! How’s it going? Y’all good?

So, I am a bridesmaid for my BFFFFFFFFF from childhood whose wedding will be in 2017. Also in 2017 (but much earlier) will be her bachelorette party, which is going to be a trip to New Orleans (SOUNDS SO FUN!! and it is her dream spot like she goes there as much as possible). I feel terrible because I just simply cannot afford to go (or at the very least to buy tickets for it before like, the day of) due to recent financial woes with fam etc. Boring but serious stuff. Anyways, I told the Bride when they had settled on their weekend and hotels and all of that, just in case I could plausibly squeeze it in. She is literally the best bride ever and so understanding. It’s killing me how great she’s being about this because I had a bad habit of withdrawing a lot when I was in HS/college because of undiagnosed bipolar II/ depressive cycles, and I am now especially sensitive to hurting my friends in this particular way/ making them feel unimportant/ taking them for granted.

So, long story short, I want to send her some kind of pre-party care package. A gift certificate for...clothes? makeup? People who know about proper bridal stuff and New orleans....what kinds of things (besides the obvious personal/sentimental stuff) should I put in it? I want her to have an amazing time and while I can’t afford the whole trip, I already told the MOH I’d throw down for Bride’s ticket (everyone is apparently) and I want to do something else to ensure a.) she feels extra loved and special and b.) to help her have a great trip. So, any suggestions? I was thinking:

  • Gift certies for some clothes and/or makeup depending on what I can afford bc she loves both and maybe she can buy a new outfit for going out or something (we often trade sephora sob stories lol and she is very trendy/chic but not expensively so)
  • A few little bottles of some champagne or something to just imply celebration! and for like, the night she gets the package or whatever
  • personal stuff like pics/ a nice framed pic to show her <3

any suggestions on how to make it New Orleans-specific? Or about what might be nice from former brides/ good planners/ “not me” types of people??


Thank you lovelies!! <3 All advice would be greatly appreciated (also the box thing is something we used to do a lot so I know it’s a bit childish but I know she’ll appreciate some stuff cause she’s kind of cash strapped as well and sentimental).

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