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HALP! I am hanging out with my MIL

I have only had a mother-in-law for a few months. I have never done this before.

So my husband and his father are on hunting trip and so both myself and my MIL are home alone all week. She also invited my mother, but my mother is out of town on business all week.


I am getting pretty bored/lonely now that it's been a few days (haven't seen the husband since Friday night) so I decided to take MIL up on her offer. I texted her "Want to hang out tomorrow? [dog] and I are getting lonely!" She normally hates dogs but recently fell in love with my dog, so I thought this was appropriate. I also would rather she came to my house because I think the dog is getting quite antsy without my husband around to play with and I don't want to leave her home alone if I don't have to. She texted back "Sure. What do you have in mind?"

Ahhhhh I was already kind of nervous about this. Now I have to think up an idea too? What do MILs and DILs do together? Am I dick if I ask her to come over to my place? We live about 40 minutes apart. The closest "middle ground" that has a population of more than 500 people is at least 30 minutes from either of us, so either way one or both of us will have to drive quite a bit.

The last time I hung out one-on-one with another person (other than my husband or in a work-related context) was at least four months ago. Before that, I can't even remember. Social anxiety can be a bitch.

EDIT: I think she was probably having the same thoughts as me! She has now texted suggesting we go to her mom's house for dinner and that I can bring the pup. Woo!

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