A couple of months ago a box of red dye I picked up was waaay more, "Hi. I'm RED," than my normal, "Hey, man.. I'm Red." Okay, the first one was a very in your face bright red, and the other red was more dark and mysterious. Anyway, the bright red really agreed with my skintone and made me feel incredibly confident.


I haven't been able to capture that same red, so I've been searching through sites, photos, and brands to find one that'll really work and give me that kick ass feeling again.. and I stumbled upon Hair Crazy.

I am so far down the rabbit hole that the only way out is to convince people to join me and then climb out on A LADDER OF THEIR BODIES, MWUHAHA-.. ha. Sorry. Blame the wine.

Anyway. Since we all love hair color, I decided to share. If you see a purdy neutralish red that doesn't lean towards warm or brassy.. I do need a new color and think I am willing to put my strands in your hands, but otherwise enjoy! It's a really awesome site thusfar.


Your smooth, soft, lovely hands.

I really should step away from the wine..