I need your help groupthink! I am trying to be unlike the 90% of women who wear the wrong size bra, I'm trying to upgrade my bra coverings. I have about $100 US to replace my rapidly-deterioriating totally wrong size 40B's. My boobs, btw? Are apparently a 44H (44FF UK size). That looks like an imaginary number to me. Anyway, I have about 17 windows open with blogs about bras and shopping windows and I don't know where to start. HELP ME. Should I bite the bullet and try to find a store I can try them on in person? Is it cost-prohibitive to order from UK stores, since their sizing actually makes sense, and they have more, prettier options? HALP I CAN'T BOOBIE!!!

ETA: Thank you all for your advice. I used the google and found there is a fancy pants bra place near my work, so I may try to schedule something.