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Halp I don't know what I'm doing UPDATED

UPDATED: I believe the suggestions to spread the fork are accurate, however I do not have the arm strength to make that happen. Good times. I finally gave up and hid the bike, and the Mister will attempt to get it assembled on Saturday. Thank you all for the suggestions though, made me feel less incompetent that the thing I thought should happen was, indeed the right thing. I just suck a bending metal.

I’m trying to assemble kiddo’s bike for Xmas, and i already ran into problem on step one. I’m supposed to slide front wheel into the fork. Well the space is like 2mm too small and the end nuts are in the way. Picture:

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The nut shoud be inside the bracket. But it sits right on top. I tried to tighten that inner nut but it doesn’t seem to tighten. I have no idea what I’m doing. Like do I need to wedge the bracket wider? That doesn’t seem right.

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