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Halp: I have a friend-date

So, I wanted to branch out and make new friends because the only people I know in this city are my boyfriend and co-workers, and, well, it was starting to get lonely.

So, like a completely normal and not at all weird person, I posted on my city's couchsurfing page asking if anyone wanted to meet up for "a girly chat". (You would not believe how hard I tried to make it obvious that I wanted to meet up with women, not go on random hook ups with men.)

One guy responded, who I ignored and feel kind of bad about because it didn't seem like he was trying to chat me up, and, amazingly, one normal looking woman who works as a vet. We agreed to meet tonight at the pub and now I'm having a total panic.


What the fuck do I say? It's going to be super awkward, isn't it?? I've made like a little list of questions and conversation starters in my head, but I'm terrified of an awkward silence, because that's when I blurt out something awkward or start oversharing. I am not good at making friends.

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