By too much coffee, I mean a small cup of it. I do not handle regular brewed coffee well, it seems. I'm jittery and distracted and way overcaffeinated...and starting to get anxious for no reason at all because my brain is going in a million different directions ALL AT ONCE. Plus (TMI) my bowels have been moving way more than they usually do at this time. I think they're mad at me.

I wonder why that is? I usually drink tea, for what it's worth (This tea* specifically, which has been my thing since my friend sent it in her Christmas present to me. It is amazing and delicious, and I can't wait to drink it cold-brewed during the summer with some honey, omg it would make an awesome arnold palmer...), but I don't think that's the problem. I mean, I can drink a small or medium espresso drink without feeling any adverse effects but a brewed coffee evidently makes my body go haywire.

*Note: Adagio Tea's fandom blends are awesome and geeky. I'm in danger of spending way too much money on various teas (and, of course, restocking on MY TEA).

Hm. I should probably eat something. The soup in the cafeteria smells amazingggg.