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HALP, I need a swimsuit.

So, my old swimsuit combination (bikini top and surf shorts) is fast approaching retirement. My boobs are kind of in danger of spilling out every time I wear the top, and the shorts are getting threadbare. So, I need a new swimsuit.

Uhhh. I have no idea where to get a swimsuit.

Regarding my current swimsuit: the top I bought in Ireland like 3 summers ago, and I've had the swim trunks for the better part of 10 years. I've always been hesitant to go shopping for a swimsuit because of my size (not quite officially plus size, but damn close) and I can never fucking find anything that fits my boobs in brick-and-mortar stores. However, since GT is full of sexy ladies with a wide variety of body types, I thought you all could help me find something I love!



-A bikini top, preferably with underwire or at least a very supportive underbust band. I wear a 38F bra.

-Some kind of bottom, I like to wear something like fitted shorts. I don't really want the bottoms to be super high waisted.

I am totally comfortable buying the bikini top and bottom separately, but of course I wouldn't say no to a nice, matched set either. I also don't mind spending some money on this, especially if it will last me a couple of years.


Thanks for your help, here's a gif of a dog in space.

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