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HALP! I Need Your Best Carb-Free Recipes

I have given up carbs (starches) for Lent and now I am sitting here stalking all the pasta on Seamless like a thirsty ex-girlfriend. Please help me find delicious things to eat that aren’t salad?

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[Hello lover...]

Not that I don’t make amazingly delicious salads (because I totally do - brag brag) but I don’t think salads are going to sustain me for an entire month.* I’ve also got some chili and some lentils and some black-eyed peas kicking around in my freezer, which are also delicious but I risk hot-boxing myself out of existence every night.


So please to share any and all of your favorite carb-free recipes (non-“pasta” recipes welcome) to keep me from eating my own face in despair. This is so much harder than I thought it would be...WAY harder than the year I gave up meat because it turns out I can eat sushi for every meal. I flew through the Charlotte airport this morning and I couldn’t even get delicious biscuits! I was in Denver all weekend and no tortillas!!! I have a new-found respect for celiacs. It’s your time to shine guys!

*I gave up 3 things this year because I’m spending the last 10 days of Lent in Korea and I’ll be damned if I’m not eating all the rice and dumplings. They are my birthright.

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