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Welcome To The Bitchery

Halp, I want to play Freecell on my laptop :(

Update: I followed BajiNaji’s solution and now I have the all the Microsoft games! Yaaaay! Freecell, I’ve missed you so much <3

I’m a huge Freecell player. Huge. I love it. Anyway, I got Win 8.1 in the winter and it doesn’t any card games included. I’ve tried to find Freecell for Win 8, but every time it’s like an app. Playing the game as an app is annoying because apps take up the whole screen and you can’t do anything else (I like playing a tv show in the background and playing Freecell). I’d like to play it as a game I can open in a window (or w/e it’s called) just like any other program, so I can split my screen between tv show and Freecell. Does anyone know where I can find a Windows 7 style Freecell game to download? Preferably one that can give out hints (hey.. I get stuck sometimes). Thanks!


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