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Welcome To The Bitchery

Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to all GT-ers who celebrate it (and even to those who don't)! I'm having some issues tonight, and I don't know what to do. I have been with MisterHavana for a little over a year, and he is largely a sweet guy and I love him. His brother and his bro's family are in town, and while we had not planned on spending the day together, he has gone totally dark on me. We are mid-westerners and his bro lives in Boston and he has been out to visit four times since MH and I have been together and I have never been invited to meet him. I got an early morning "Happy Thanksgiving" text from MH, but I replied by asking for a quick call, just to say hey but have gotten no response (this was at 11:45 AM my time and it is now 9:20 PM). MH is typically not one to text when he is with others (he thinks it's rude, and I agree to a point), and that's okay, but it's a big holiday around here and I don't feel super off-base about wanting to actually hear his voice for a minute or two on such a day... His bro and family are staying with him, but is it wrong of me to think he can call me for a couple of minutes while they shower and get ready and such? I'm feeling kinda shitty because: a) I feel like he really doesn't want me to meet his family and b) he can't take a couple of seconds to respond to a text?!? Please set me straight!

ETA: It's almost 10:30 and nothing. I'm just crying now. Thanks to you guys who have tried to make me feel better... I just feel like shit, despite your best efforts.


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