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Halp me name my kitty! (name picked!)

ETA: thank you guys!!! This was really helpful! I think I'm going to go with Viola (Shakespeare names FTW), or Viola von Chirpyface because I'm never going to stop calling her that.

Okay, so I recently acquired this kitty:


She is BY FAR the sweetest cat I've ever met in my life. All she wants to do is be in my lap. When I wander around the house, she follows me and chirps (I've never heard her actually meow - it's just that chirpy sound cats make sometimes). When I'm not home she hides under my bed and comes out as soon as she hears the sound of my voice. It's the kind of sweet clinginess that would annoy me with a boyfriend but I find absolutely delightful with a cat.

There's just one problem: she came to me with a really, really lame name. I can't even bring myself to use it, but nothing else seems right either. So far I've just been calling her Kitty von Chirpyface, but I feel like she deserves something a bit more dignified than that and I am completely uninspired for some reason.

So help me out, GT: what the heck would you name a super sweet, super floofy, super clingy little girl kitty?


Also, just for fun, here's a picture of my dog being ridiculous. This one already has the perfect name so we're all good there.


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