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Halp me with bizniz things

I’m trying to sell art and it’s working! Neat! I am looking for some guidance in two areas: 1) navigating through online ways to sell (like, Shopify, or should I just do Etsy, or I don’t fucking know) and 2) a quick and cost effective way for ppl to order prints.

On #1, my computer-savvy friends are confusing me on what I want (I’m trying not to pay out the ass for anything, leaning toward Etsy even though it has its flaws). And my artist friends are like “what are computers?”

On #2, I’m trying to (for now) avoid just getting a million prints made and hoping they sell, so I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way that people could order them directly from the printer? But I’d get the moneys.... I feel like I’ve heard of services like this (where you as an artist can upload your work and the printer will handle the stuff and they take what they take and you take whatever your price is) but I don’t have any idea what to even google to get me anywhere in that search.



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