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Halp! Send Liquor!

I'm working on an article and I wanted to find a good article to link to about "shit-testing" and how it is used to disqualify women based on continually moving the goalposts until the tester "proves" that the woman is a "fraud." The first page of google results was pickup artists on about how to "beat women's shit-testing," which I assume means "continually challenge women on them not liking you by insisting that they tell you a reason why they dislike you so that it can be 'disproved' and also, women who claim that they're married are liars."

Well, that's depressing. OK, I'll search for "shit-testing fake geek girls," since that's the current go-to example of shit-testing women. The results? Several women "fessing up" to being fake geek girls (by admitting that they are *new* to geek culture), an article about how the fake geek girl meme is bad for business (Yay!), and a reddit thread about how nerd culture is a "men's safe space" and feminists find that threatening, so we are pretending that the fake geek girl meme is misogynist in order to force our way into a men's safe space on false grounds and...

I can't even find articles about men shit-testing women which is an actual thing that happens because men are dominating the conversation with bullshit claims that women who claim that they don't want to go out with you are playing games. Not that that makes them gamers, cause everyone knows girls aren't gamers.

Please send liquor.


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