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HALP! Shady Business.

Any GTers in Las Vegas? I have a wee random favor to ask...

As some of you may know, I absolutely adore my baby sister. She is probably the closest thing to a child of my own that I will ever have (*sob*) so I pretty much spoil her to death. And she deserves it, she’s a great kid.


Well...not so much a kid anymore because next week she turns 25!!! She is going to Vegas to celebrate with a group of friends and I would like to make sure she doesn’t die. To that end, I was planning to send a case of bottled water to her hotel room as a birthday gift.

Here’s the catch:

The hotel where she’s staying charges a “handling fee” for any package you send to a hotel guest. What’s worse is that the rates they list on their website are an utter lie. They say it’s $12 for any package 6-20 lbs (which is already absurd) but then in wee tiny print it says that the price also depends on the size of the package. And when I called to ask what that meant, they basically told me it’s discretionary. Couldn’t give me a range, said it’s up to the person working that day but couldn’t tell me if there were any guidelines the employees were supposed to adhere to. Basically they just make up whatever they feel like. So I gave them the dimensions of the 15 lb. box that were listed Amazon and they told me it would be “probably about $45”.

WTF????????? How you do you go from a listed price of $12 to almost FOUR TIMES that much on a purely discretionary and undisclosed basis? To take a $10 case of water upstairs on an elevator? If I had just taken the website’s word on the price we wouldn’t have known until we got the bill. Bullshit! I am filing a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Affairs because that is blatantly illegal.


In the meantime, I’m wondering if there are any GTers in Las Vegas who might be willing to let me ship the water to them and drop it off at the hotel next Friday. Apparently if you leave it with the bell hop they’ll take it up for free (+tip), which is as it should be. I’d be sure to send a treat for you too! In the alternative, does anyone know of any services that might do it for me? I thought about Task Rabbit but alas they don’t operate out there.


Has anyone else come across a business that has shady practices like this? Call them out in the comments!

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