Halt and Catch Fire

I binged watched this show recently and it is coming back on AMC this spring for season 2. Is anyone else watching it? It’s about a group of computer developers on the Silicon Prairie in Texas in the early 80s. There is a lot of drama. Smart women computer engineers figure pretty prominently (and get increasingly complex as the series goes on). Lee Pace is pretty fascinating. He is glowery and angry and even more so, he plays this character who sleeps with both men and women—- as a bisexual person, I can get a bee in my bonnet when I see characters like him that use their sexuality for power b/c that’s such a stereotype but the way it’s done on this show is so well-done and compelling, it seems very authentic. And I love seeing sexual fluidity portrayed. Also, it appeals to my geekery, which as many of you know, is pretty significant. Anyone else watching it?