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Hand to Mouth - my random thoughts

I finished Linda Tirado's (one of us!) Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America last night.

I literally had nightmares Thursday night after I was about half way through the book. Nightmares about losing my job, getting too sick to work and losing my insurance. Nightmares about going back to being poor. See, I live a double life. While my education and income puts me in the upper-middle class, I still have the sensibilities of someone poor. I grew up learning the value of money in pounds of fruit picked.


I laughed hysterically at Linda's (true) description of meetings. OMG I hate meetings. I nodded my head in solidarity at not treating your child as a special snowflake. I recognized the places, cars, and people she described. I loved her clear and unapologetic explanation of what poverty looks like from her vantage point.

Her final chapter on advice to the wealthy caused me to reflect, and I was somewhat comforted to know that my income hasn't turned me into an entitled asshole. (I seriously almost didn't take my promotion because I would be "rich" and rich people are assholes, or smug, or smug assholes, and I so don't want to become an asshole.)


My recommendation - read it. Read it twice if you have never been poor (and I don't mean broke). Re-read it again after that if you were raised in, and continue to live in, a comfortable upper-middle class or higher income bracket. (I'm acting like a smug asshole, aren't I?)

PS - loved the shout out to Chritter and Slay in the afterword. :)

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